Company foundation (start up) & sale

Starting a new business, as well as buying or selling a business, is a complex undertaking that involves performing different tasks simultaneously.

Careful preparation is crucial for future success. Of course, this applies especially in cases where the new company operates in a dynamic market with rapid changes. In addition to the intensive study of the potential target groups and the product benefit, the analysis of the current competitive situation is particularly important. The recognizable developments of the foreseeable future should also be taken into consideration.
You should under no circumstances underestimate the effort for careful planning. Lead times of over one year are quite realistic.

However, starting a business, buying or selling a company or restructuring abroad pose a special challenge.
Here, not only other laws and regulations, but also customs, languages, mentalities and country-specific environmental conditions in politics, culture and behavior are a constant challenge even for the most experienced companies.

With our practical experience in many parts of the world and countries as well as a worldwide network of consultants, we can advise you and your company on the swift implementation of your project and help you to avoid mistakes through a variety of complex relationships as much as possible.