administration & Feng Shui for companies

A company thrives on strategic planning, controlling and people.Because entrepreneurial success grows with the performance and motivation of the employees.

Feng Shui combines this approach. By specifically connecting energies that promote individual performance and ensure holistic well-being.

No matter if inside or outside.

You are interested in a purely business consulting? Then please feel free to contact me!

Now the know-how from classical business administration is extended by the teachings of Feng Shui. The holistic approach and its targeted application harmonize work and life in a new form.

This energy leads to new thinking and action and increases the chance for success.

1. Rooms can be optimally designed for meetings.

In your company we provide a holistic analysis and evaluation of the building architecture, the building situation, the workplaces as well as the meeting and seminar rooms.

2. With the right colors and shapes, more effective communication is achieved.

Even the entrepreneurial appearance opens the door to success. Therefore, we also analyze the design of the logo and the business documents regarding the effective color and shape design.

3. health e.g. through the privacy.

We use the knowledge of Feng Shui to get more health in all areas of life. So we are happy to assist you as a partner in house or building planning.

For private or professional use, you will receive a systematic analysis for you and your family. Then we work out the appropriate room layout according to your personality and needs. jkconsulting prepares all measures and accompanies you throughout the entire process.

In sleep, the human collects the necessary energy for his performance. We find the trouble-free, optimal sleeping place for you.

4. Energy e.g. from the right environment.

Artificially created environments are aggressive, repellent, exhausting. jkconsulting examines the environment to enhance the overall performance of the employee teams. We examine the location, the view, the composition of the environment and the garden as a place of relaxation and encounter.

5. The seat as a platform for success.

Where do the eyes look? What do you have as a back wall? Where is the door? Do you see all your options coming? Who sits in the wrong place and works, can not use his full potential.

jkconsulting designs the workplace in such a way that maximum success becomes possible.

Do your employees feel comfortable in the workplace?
Why do conversations often fail?
Why is a company even more successful after a move?

Every person, even in business, is often influenced by its surroundings, that is, by light, colors, order, smell, water or noise?

By using these relationships to increase mental and physical energetic activity, Feng Shui becomes important for success-oriented companies.

Harmonious environment in the office