Company Transition & Support

It is important for every entrepreneur (manager / executive / proprietor/ leader) to think about a successor.

It does not matter whether the successor is the son, the daughter, another family member or an outside person or an other company.
Even young leaders can be affected by illness or accidents. Hence, an emergency plan is essential for every leader. For the preparation of a planned company succession, a transferor first has to define his business goals during the change of ownership as well as his personal goals for the time after handover. These include Information about successors, pensions and future leisure activities. Subsequently, a critical inventory of these three relevant areas should be made.

A successor must check during preparation whether he or she is able to cope with the professional and commerical requirements of this company. Any knowledge gaps should be closed by training. The successor must also formulate clear future ideas for the company. When several successors take over together, it is important that they find a consensus for their vision and future collaboration.

Finally, the company must be checked for its transferability. Questions here mainly related to the increased liquidity requirements during the transfer, the cooperation and competence of the employees and the documentation of the most important information and processes for the successor.

At the end of the inventory taking, the interests and ideas of all involved must be reconciled. At the same time, potential conflicts and problems should need to be addressed.
For the handover to the son or daughter, escorting us as a consultant and as a member of the management, for a certain time, can lead to a more successful transition and more sustainable success. We are happy to provide you with our experience and moderation for a successful outcome.

For this, it is essential to create a roadmap with phases (mile stones) for the  succession in order to make the transfer and implementation successful after information and sensitization, inventory taking and strategy as well as conception and roadmap for succession has been completed.

Succession planning depends primarily on stocktaking, so it is always unique and individual. Above all, the personal and emotional needs of the individual contributors must not be underestimated.

It is important for a smooth handover that the transferor – under acceptable conditions – leaves the company and that the successor in the first time after the transfer has his / her support.

The successor concept must be formulated in a succession timetable. From the multitude of steps that were identified in the concept phase, a catalog of measures jointly supported by the transferor and the successor is created.

With our practical experience, we will work with you to develop a suitable concept that gives both, the transferor and the transferee, the chance to realize their personal and emotional needs as much as possible.